Netbeans Installation and Uninstallation in Linux

Netbeans Installation and Uninstallation in Linux has been easy if you have software center in your system.You can just type and search, then install Netbeasns easily. But, sometime the latest version of the Netbeans are not available in the Software center/ Repository of your OS.The only way to install latest Netbeans is through command line.The following tutorial gives an idea of Netbeans Installation and Uninstallation in Linux.

Netbeans Installation via Command line

Download the installer file from Netbeans official installer.

  1. Make the installer executable with command chmod u+x
  2. Now, Run the installer: ./
  3. Choose the directory for installation. LikeĀ  /home/Username/Documents/NetBeans

The Netbeans official Website have all the latest version of the installer file.Also, you can update it later from your system, if you want.

Netbeans Uninstallation via Command line

  1. Find file named in /usr/local/netbeans-version.version, if you areĀ  installed netbeans with root privilege. Otherwise, you can find in your /home/netbeans_installed_directory.
  2. Now, Open a terminal, goto the folder using the command cd /usr/local/netbeans-version.version.
  3. Grant super user permission using the command SU.
  4. To execute the uninstall script, type : sh

Netbeans will be removed completely. Also, you can clear the cache of netbeans from the /home/username/.cache/netnbeans directory.

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