Hi, It’s me, Jinto Antony

Let me tell you my story…

In 1992, on a sunny summer day, I began my journey through life. Fueled by curiosity, I navigated the typical school corridors until my 12th year. My fascination with toys and electronics turned into a passion for understanding the inner workings of things.

I found my way into the world of Engineering, specifically Computer Science. Here, circuits harmonized with algorithms, and innovation was at my fingertips. Reflecting on my journey, I yearned for an opportunity to shape the world.

Beyond my coding skills, I became a mentor, guiding others professionally and personally. Outside of the programming world, I’m a devoted son, cherishing moments with my family—the cornerstone of my existence.

In the past, I embraced blogging, sharing the artistry of programming. However, time’s demands shifted my focus. Today, I am a programmer at heart, understanding the transformative power of code. As the Co-Founder and Chief Technology Officer of Donams Tech Labs, I foster mentorship and camaraderie.

Looking forward, my dreams remain hidden, waiting to be unraveled in the fabric of time. Come back someday, and you may discover the enigma of my aspirations.

– Jinto Antony