Hey, I’m Jinto Antony

I will tell you my story.

Born in 1992 July 9. That’s when my journey began. 

Normal schooling up to 12th standard.

Curious Kid. Always

Yes. I was a curious kid. I have been always a curious kid rather than a learner from books. I always want to try experiments. 

When I get a toy or any electronic gadget (like walkman), My mind was always into its working. Therefore none of them lived more than a day. 

Then, Engineering in Computer Science. 

What I have done so far?

Accomplishments? Nothing that can really change the world. I am still waiting for that opportunity. 

I have been a good mentor to many people. I gave lessons to them,  achieve and progress their career and life in both ways. 

Apart from my programming career, I am a good son to my parents. I am taking care of them now. Family is the most important thing in my life. I want to spend my time with people I love. 

I started blogging in 2014. I was all into programming. I started writing about programming. I don’t get time to write blogs anymore. Because, after all these years, I am too busy. 

What am I now? 

Simply, I can say I am a programmer. I do believe programmers can change the world. In fact, they are the people, who created the most influential things in the 21st century, ie. Applications. If we were not there, there will no Google, Microsoft, Facebook, Twitter. etc. 

I am not just a programmer. I am the Co-Founder of Donams Tech Labs and CTO of the company. I am a mentor and a good friend to my employees. 

What I want to be? 

That’s a secret I don’t what to tell you now. Come back here. After some years, you will find it here.