Install Apache MySQL PHP and PHPmyadmin

Apache Installation
Install Apache MySQL PHP and PHPmyadmin.Apache is the most widely user webserver over 50% of total world servers.
Ok.Let’s start the installation.

To Test Go to

If you can see the default Apache Web page, installation is success.

Note: The apache document folder is located in /var/www/html
You can put HTML files inside it and test server.
To test just goto

Since, PHP is not installed, at this point PHP files will not execute.

Install MySQL

The command prompt will ask for password. Set appropriate passwords.

PHP Installation

To test php is working, create a php file in the apache’s root folder,
create a file name info.php and paste the following code:


You can execute this php script using:

If success, it will show a page with default informations about php.
The info() function will give you information about your server.

Apache Commands

Restart Apache Webserver

Stop Apache Webserver

Start Apache Webserver

Find Status of Webserver


phpMyAdmin installation :

Choose apache2 as your server
choose yes for dbconfig-common to set up the database
Enter mysql password when prompted
Confirm the password again

Next, we have to enable the mcrypt extension in the php.ini.
You can manually edit php.ini or just type the command

Last step, restart your web server to load the new configurations.

To goto phpMyAdmin

I hope you like this article Install Apache MySQL PHP and PHPmyadmin, Thanks for reading

Information about Git,SSH and many more can be found at:

To Install Apache MySQL PHP and PHPmyadmin Arch Linux, follow this link : Install Apache MySQL PHP and PHPmyadmin Arch Linux


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