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Install Apache MySQL PHP and PHPmyadmin

Apache Installation Install Apache MySQL PHP and PHPmyadmin.Apache is the most widely user webserver over 50% of total world servers. Ok.Let’s start the installation.

To Test Go to

If you can see the default Apache Web page, installation is success. Note: The apache document folder is located in…
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How to do Leverage Browser Caching

Before we stat with How to do Leverage Browser Caching, we should look what is a browser caching and where it is used. Browser Caching Caching/storing contents/resource files of a website on the local computer is known as Browser Caching.In “Leverage browser caching”, the webmaster will be deal with the…
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How to enable Gzip compression on Websites

What is Gzip Compression ? Gzip compression is a techniques/compression method to reduce the size of files like HTML,JS,CSS etc.By enabling Gzip compression on websites, you can increase the website speed very much. How to enable Gzip compression on Websites Gzip Compression can be enabled via your web server configuration…
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Setup SSH Linux Operating System

How to Setup SSH Linux Operating System, SSH Provide Secure Communication between two nodes/coputers using encryptions like 3DES, Blowfish, AES, Arcfour, etc.Port forwarding, data compression are other features of SSH. Let’s Start with the Installation. SSH Installation On Ubuntu/Debian based Linux:

On Fedora/Cent OS based Linux:

On Arch…
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Laravel Installation/Setup in Linux

In this article i a going to explain how to do Laravel Installation/Setup in Linux environment. Laravel is a very popular framework, used for developing Web applications and it’s the current trend. So, Let’s start with some basic installations. Before, Installing/Set upping Laravel, we need a working/development php environment. If…
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WordPress Themes

WordPress is not just about blogging or writing posts.You can really make our website look awesome.There is where WordPress themes comes.OK.Let’s starts with WordPress Themes. Installing WordPress themes are very very easy.Theme integration doesn’t require any extra skill sets.By default, WordPress install a theme named as Twenty eleven/Twenty twelve etc.The…
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