Some times when you access your website or others, you may see this error in Chrome Browser (Not in Firefox Browser or other browser). As you can see this error is related with Name Servers Issues.Many people still don’t know how to resolve this issue, that why i am explaining this again.

To resolve the issue related with Name Servers, We need to edit the DNS of the domain.Specifically, Two entries.A Records and Name Servers.

A Record is an IP, Pointing to the Hosting server (IP address of hosting server)

Name Servers are also, pointing to hosting server. Named as NS1 and NS2. Every hosting providers give two Name Servers Because, one of them is backup.(You can add more that 2 name servers if you want).

After getting IP address of hosting ( Will add as a A Record in the Domain) and Name Servers, Goto your Domain management Page.

Update the Name Servers and A Records.It may take at-least 10 Minutes to see the results.

Use below Images for reference.