How to Flash Xiaomi MI3/MI4 Phone to Mokee Rom/Custom Rom

How to Flash Xiaomi MI3/MI4 Phone to Mokee Rom/Custom Rom, In this tutorial i am going to explain a detailed procedure to flash Xiaomi MI3/Xiaomi Phone to a custom Rom.

On How to Flash Xiaomi MI3/MI4 Phone to Mokee Rom/Custom Rom this tutorial,
Device Used : Xiaomi MI3
Custom ROM Used : MoKee Rom

I am also included all the links for doing this. You can Download this from below.

First of all, you have to learn some commands/general procedures
Press Vol Up + Power Off Button to goto adb mode
Press Vol Down + Power off to goto fat boot mode

Ok..Lets start

I hope you have MIUI7.0/7.1/6.0 or any other version installed on your system
Now, we have to install CWM / TWRP (Clock Work mod Recovery/Team Win Recovery Project Recovery) on the phone.To do that, You can download the package from here and update it via phones default updater.
CWM_recovery_r11_cancro (revision r11) is recommended for Xiaomi MI3.And you can download it from the download section above.

1.Download CWM-Recovery from here.
2.Download the Mokee Rom / Any other Custom Rom and corresponding Gapps file.
3.Power off your device.
4.Press Vol Down + Power off together for 3-4 seconds, to go fastboot mode.
5.Flash the device using the recovery.

fastboot flash recovery recovery.img

If you want to know how to use fastboot, please click here.
6.Reboot the device

fastboot reboot

7.Now Wipe Cache, Dalvik Cache, User Data and System 1. And make sure your primary system is System 1.
8.Choose install zip from sdcard
9.Select Rom file and flash
10.Choose install zip from sdcard
11.Select Gapps files and flash
12.Reboot the phone.
13.Wait for 5-10 minutes to boot up. (Some device may take more time).

Android devices partition structure, you have been doing flashing your android phone many times.
Some of you are just copying the codes from tutorial/doing exactly the same as found on the tutorial.
You probably may don’t know what you are actually doing.So,for those i made another post, to know more about the flashing and android partition system.