How to Install Android OS on Laptop or Desktop

How to Install Android OS on Laptop or Desktop, have you ever thought about that…? May be, Yes or No.Android is very popular these days, on mobiles,tablets etc.The mostly used operating system in the world, now is android.Adapting android into our computers are already there.What we don’t have, is that we can’t install android as a fully integrated operating system in our computers.

But, it’s possible. Jide ( has released an android version named as REMIX OS for desktop computers/workstations. In this version of android you can install applications, multi task applications, browse web as same as Windows or Linux, etc.Remix OS is in Beta version now.I have tried the beta version of Remix OS and astonished with the performance in my laptop.

In Antutu benchmark, it scored more than 2,00,000. And, the graphic performance was awesome.You can use this OS really as your favorite.Battery performance of the system doubled.Since, Remix OS uses very low resources, it can run on systems with very low RAM (512MB). As, the RAM and Processor clock speed of the system increases the performance also increases.

I tested in my laptop with i3 processor and 8GB RAM.Remix OS uses the default Intel HD graphics over the Nvidia 2GB Dedicated Graphics.However, i was really happy with the performance of the entire system, and waiting for the final release of the Remix OS.

If you want to try the Remix OS, just download it from the website.

Also, there was no Google Play Store available for now.But, i have written an tutorial to explain How to install Google Play Store in Remix OS. Check that too.