How to Install WordPress

How to Install WordPress ?.You can do WordPress installation in ways.But, we can do this in Simpy two ways.One of them is via a manual installation and other one is via the default cPanel. Most.Most the cPanels provide CMS/E-commerce installation as a inbuilt functionality.

Manual Installation

Manual installation is not a very difficult procedure.procedure. WordPress installation procedure is very simple and anyone can use it easily.

 Download the latest version of WordPress from
 Upload the Zip to web server, using FTP/default cPanel file manager.(if you are uploading zip file, extract it.For main domain use the directory /public_html/ or use /public_html/folder-name/ for subdomain)
 Create a MySQL database and a user for that Database.
 Configure WordPress to connect to th database.
 Now, Go to the domain, Complete the installation and setup website.

WordPress Installation using cPanel/Site builder

Also, if you are not skilled like a programmer to do the above steps, you can definitely use the simple Site builder method to do WordPress installation. Most of the cPanel have CMS installation as a inbuilt functionality.Another benefit is that, you don’t have to worry about the updates when you install like this. Complications of updations are less.
To install via Site Builder/cPanel

Goto cPnael
Under Web Application select WordPress (For installation)
Choose directory to install. ( For main domain use the directory /public_html/ or use /public_html/folder-name/ )
Press Install

Note: After successful installation WordPress will send the login details to the given mail id during installation.
Now goto your domain/sub-domain to see the default index page of WordPress
To login to Admin Area/back end