VestaCP Creating Packages, adding Users

VestaCP Creating Packages, adding Users. In VestaCP you can as many as packages you want.Users too. So, For creating one package there are some minimum requirements.

The following package is with minimum requirements. You can expand or shrink these with as per your requirements.

Step 1 : Adding a new package:
1Gb plan
SSH Access : bash
Web Domain :
Web Alias : 1
DNS Domains : 2
DNS Records : 20
Mail Domains : 1
Mail Accounts : 5
Database : 2
Cron Jobs : 1
Backups : 1
Quota (in megabytes) : 1000 (1GB)
Bandwidth (in megabytes) : 10000 (10GB)
Name servers :,

Step 2 : Adding a user:
Add username (use domain name over username)
Add email
Add password
Select the right package

Step 3 : Login with user account on Vestacp
1.) WEB -> Add Domain

After adding a domain, a folder will be created with the name, inside that folder a WEB folder will exist.
Inside domain folder, public_html can be found.

Eg: /home/admin/web/ YOUR PROJECT FILES

You can use the following article to find out How to setup VestaCP.