WordPress Introduction

What is WordPress?

WordPress is used to create dynamic websites.websites. WordPress is totally free to use.In the beginning, WordPress was developed as a blogging tool.It was just a matter of time, WordPress turned in to Worlds mostly used CMS (Content Management System), in a very short time.time. WordPress is so robust in nature. You.You don’t have additional programming skill to master WordPress. There.There is no limits, when you are using WordPress.

Blog vs CMS (Content Management System)

The term Blog actual comes from two other words, ie. “Web log”.Yes, a Blog is a type of website, and it is maintained by a person or a group to regularly updates their status.The concept of blog got a boom with WordPress and WordPress got a boom to emerge as a Content Management system.

WordPress is Totally free?

Yes. WordPress is totally free.Anyone can take their code and modify as per your needs.The terms “trials” or “test” or “demo” are not in the dictionary of WordPress. It.It, a Open source tool.You can contribute to it, if you want, or you can make use of it. WordPress community provide support via forums.forums. WordPress community is the one of the best places in the internet you can see.If you are seeking for a answer for WordPress, you can definitely find it there.

How WordPress works?

WordPress is a dynamically driven language.PHP is the programming language working behind from the WordPress.WordPress is also a great language and definitely it’s best for WordPress. You.You can create a database in MySQL and utilize it for your WordPress site.Post, articles, comments, pages, plugin’s entries all are stored in the database in self.Only images are stored in folders.Installing WordPress is very easy, it’s just a “5-Minute install” procedure.