WordPress Plugins

WordPress Plugins are the most attractive feature of the WordPress. You can find a plugin for almost all of your needs.The plugin repository of WordPress is that much huge. These plugins are developed and maintained by world best developers and programmers.

WordPress Plugins Cost

There are free plugins and premium plugins are available for user.In most of the time, free plugins will do the job.Also, you can purchase Premium plugins , if you want to extend the functionality of your existing plugin.

WordPress Plugins are Recommended or Not ?

In my opinion WordPress plugins are not always not a go.There are some essential plugins that not any WordPress users can’t avoid. But if you can do the same without a plugin, go for it.Also, depends upon the user and his knowledge/skill plugins can be preferred.If you are a beginner level WordPress user. you have to stick with at least sometime to learn.But, if you are a skilled programmer you know how to do it.

Why WordPress Plugins are not Recommended ?

The main reasons for not recommending WordPress plugins are
Increases load of web server, reduces website performance and increases page load time.
Security issues with plugins.
Malicious plugins, developed and intended to harm your website.

Use plugins wisely and carefully.Before install a plugin check the rating and no.of users of that plugin.In my opinion, always go for a plugin with rating greater that 4.0.

What are some Best and Essential Plugin for WordPress ?

Yaost SEO – SEO Optimization
W3 Total Cache – Cache Management
WooCommerce – E commerce for WordPress
Limit Login Attempts – Limit no. of attempts of Login
Broken Link Checker – Check expired or broken links in WordPress
Akismet – Protect your blog from spam
Jetpack – A bundle of various functionalities from WordPress
TinyMCE Advanced – the visual editor in WordPress
WP Smush – Reduce image file sizes, improve performance