WordPress Themes

WordPress is not just about blogging or writing posts.You can really make our website look awesome.There is where WordPress themes comes.OK.Let’s starts with WordPress Themes.
Installing WordPress themes are very very easy.Theme integration doesn’t require any extra skill sets.By default, WordPress install a theme named as Twenty eleven/Twenty twelve etc.The last term comes from the present year.This default theme is enough to view the contents like post/menus/comments etc.But,it’s not very good for using the default theme of WordPress, if you want little bit more Stylish/beautiful look.But, i have to say this, the default theme integrated with WordPress is fast and reliable.Then why we are going to install a new stylish theme is because, the modifications/customization’s of this minimalist themes needs extra ordinary skill.

How to install a WordPress Theme

In WordPress you can install themes in 2 Ways:

By uploading the theme zip file

By installing from the WordPress theme store

Upload a theme Zip
Download the theme zip file
Goto Appearance -> Themes -> Add New (On top right)
Upload the Zip file
Activate the theme

Install from WordPress Theme store
Goto Appearance -> Themes -> Add New (From the bottom)
Search the theme by name
Select a theme and activate

Done.Now you have installed the theme and activated it.You can see the difference by reloading your websites home page.

Free WordPress theme vs Paid WordPress theme

There are many free themes are available. You.You can either choose one of them or you can purchased a very rich theme from websites like Themeforest,Premiumwp market etc.
Best Free themes Websites

Best Paid theme Websites

Hacked WordPress Themes / Issues of Pirated Themes

Many Premium themes are available for download in the internet for free.The are not just providing the theme as it it they got.They are modifying some essential part of the codes.These modifications includes, adding their own website name to footer to deep integrated code to hack your entire site.By the you know all about this, it will be too late.Your only option will be abandon the existing WordPress Site or create/migrate to a new One.
Also, it is not easy to identify, where these codes are added/modified.But, most of the time the modifications are done in headr.php.functions.php,footer.php files.

There are many places these malicious WordPress themes spreads. Few of them are :
File Sharing websites
So, next time you download a premium template at $0 for your website, think.It is a trap.Be wise, and use your logic.For few dollars, you are going to risk your page rank and search engine traffic. If you don’t have enough money to purchase a premium template, try to use any premium looking free WordPress theme.But, never go for torrent like unreliable resources.