ADB Basic Commands for flashing Custom Roms

ADB Android Basic Instructions for flashing Custom Roms, if you are doing flashing, changing roms, etc this adb commands/instructions will help you to do a lot.ADB means Android Debug Bridge,a versatile command line tool, helps developers to comunicate with the android device or emulator.
It is a client-server program and ADB has three main parts:

A client, which runs on your development machine.
A server, which runs as a background process on your development machine.
A daemon, which runs as a background process on each emulator or device instance.

You can always find the adb tool in your Android SDK folder.(Via Andoird SDK Manager, you have to install Tools, completely).You can find the adb tool in /platform-tools/ ADB will be there, as a file named as adb.
(Note: Fast boot also, exist in the same folder, named as fastboot, i will discussed about it in one of my other blog post.)

In most of the phones, Vol up + Power Off button will get you into adb
Inside the folder /platform-tools/ , Using Shift+right click to open a command shell (In windows) or use the Terminal (In Linux)
(Note: If you are using arch linux or Redhat based os, put a ./ before all the command to execute.Eg: ./adb devices.In linux, use command sudo su to gain all the permissions)

ADB Basic Commands for flashing Custom Roms are these:

adb devices

List all the devices connected to the development machine/your computer.

adb shell

Gives ou the shell prompt for doing advanced operations (Most of the time, you don’t need this.If you want to know more, drop a comment in the below section).

adb reboot bootloader

Reboot the phone in to fast boot mode / bootloader.

adb reboot recovery

Reboot your device into recovery mode.

adb push /sdcard/

Helps you to put your files in to the phones internal storage or memory card.This comes in handy, when you accidentelly formatted your phone, and custom recovery file is gone.You can Use this command to copy the files from the computer/system to the phone easily.
Eg: adb push /sdcard/0/

That’s all, you want to know about the ADB Basic Commands for flashing Custom Roms using the adb / Android Debug Bridge.There are plenty of commands, but, these are the basic commands you need to know.