Download W3Schools Offline

Download W3Schools Offline – is the dream of many people. W3Schools is an educational website, helps the students and developers to build beautiful websites.W3Schhols covers topics includes HTML, CSS, PHP, Javascript ,, MySQL and any more.W3Schools is the most popular website in the Internet for web development.

Since, W3schools is an website (not an desktop application), it need a active Internet connection to use.Unfortunately, this is the biggest draw back of W3Schools.So, i found a solution for this problem, and would like to share it with you.

Follow these Steps:

1. First, Download the compressed file from here or W3School_Offline.
2. Extract the file using any compression tool.
3. Go to folder W3schools Offline Version -> and then open the default file.
4. This will open the W3Schools offline version website.(please make sure that any browser is installed on your computer).

OK…Now you got W3Schools for Offline.