How to solve Unspecified error(0x80004005: FAILED (remote: size too large))

How to solve Unspecified error(0x80004005: FAILED (remote: size too large)) …? In Xiaomi phones some of you have seen this error “Unspecified error(0x80004005: FAILED (remote: size too large))” or “remote size too large)”. This happens when you combine the space of system1 and system2 together to get more space for installing Custom Roms and Gapps.After you have done this, you can revert it back using the same procedure.But, when you are trying to flash with stock Rom after that, the Unspecified error(0x80004005: FAILED (remote: size too large)) error populates and can’t flash.

The solutions to this is simple.I was having the same situation. My MI3 was not also being flashed over MI Flash Tool.So, i did little research and found the solution.You can’t flash with the stock Rom because,the stock revert zip i flashed has system sizes written in MB’s, instead of exact bytes.

So, what you have to do, download this zip that i have given below and flash.It will set your system partitions as they were at the time of manufacturing.
System partition script download

I have tested it by myself many times (It happened many time with Custom Roms), and this works well.

Also, it is recommended that you have to use the CWM r11 recovery to flash this ZIP.Other wise it may not work.You can download the CWM r11 from here.

Also, you can take a look at this tutorial also, if any further assistance is required:
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Fastboot Basic commands for Flashing Custom Roms
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If this do not solve your problem, you can contact me and i will personally help you.Just comment your issues in the below section.