Locate command in Linux

Locate command in Linux, available as a default option. You can any file location/path from the terminal it self, using this command.Linux hold a lot of configuration files. The path of these configuration files are different in different versions of Linux. So, it is not easy to remember all.But, if you know the name of the configuration file, you can find the location from the terminal itself.
The locate command is a very small command, comes in handy sometimes. If you don’t know the configuration file location, you go and Google about it.You get some results from which you have to search again. By doing this process, you will loose at least 3-5 Minutes. You can save that time and energy, just by remembering this awesome command “Locate”.

$ Locate filename.extension

How to use Locate command in Linux ? It’s simple. Open the terminal and just type:

locate filename


locate netbeans.conf
locate php.ini

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