Mozilla Firefox uses too much RAM – How to fix ?

Mozilla Firefox uses too much RAM – How to fix ? – I am a great fan of Mozilla Firefox. I have been using Firefox for more than 5 years, and i have to say this, for development or for developers, it’s the best.Mozilla was always innovative in their browser.The rich repository of plugins also, too good.
Sometimes you may feel the Mozilla Fire fox browser it too slow, that you can’t even move a tab from left to right.Well, this is not only your problem, it’s the problem of everyone.

The main reasons for the too much usage of RAM / Slow response on Firefox is that, it’s using too much cache, too much RAM, heavy plugins, Load of websites, Your computers processor speed etc.However, on an average Firefox can perform well.Like everything, your browser also needs little bit of warming.And, it’s good to spend 5-10 minutes on every month, to maintain you browser.
So, basically in this article i will give you some easy ways to refresh your browser.OK..Start with the problem, I too have very heavy RAM usage, and you can see it from below image.It uses almost 1 GB for 5-6 tabs opened.

Screenshot from 2016-04-16 10:06:55

So, Lets solve this problem.
Mozilla Firefox uses too much RAM – How to fix ?

Step 1. Remove/Disable Unwanted Plugins.
Step 2. Clean the cache of the bowser from Preferences-> Advanced->Cached web content and click on clear now.
Step 3. Close unwanted tabs as soon as the use expires.
Step 4. Upgrade/Update your Browser to newer version.
Step 5. Increase the RAM, if you are using too many tabs at the same time.
Step 6. Analyze the each plugins memory usage and find out which plugins are mainly eating your RAM and shutdown it.
Step 7. Facebook like content rich websites uses too much memory, so, close those after usage.

Following this step will definitely increase the Browser performance efficiently.Thanks for spending your time with Mozilla Firefox uses too much RAM – How to fix ?.